What is Pewter?

Pewter or also known as ‘Metal Antiques’, a mineral that is in the same category as gold and silver. It’s a metal alloy that contains 85-96% tin mixed with copper or other metal ores. This antique can be classified into 3 types.

1. Fine Pewter: Suitable for tableware
2. Trifle Pewter: Has less shine than Fine Pewter
3. Lay Pewter: Used for decorations and not suitable for tableware

In the past, Pewter was extremely popular among European royalty because it showed their class and wealth who used these metal antiques as tableware, glasses, jewelry. At present, Pewter is widely used due to its quality and benefits such as accessories in food packaging and connectors in electronic circuit boards. Other than its versatile use, Pewter doesn’t rust and stays shiny, durable similar to silver. In addition, it also stands out at retaining coolness as well.
We’ve rounded up some decorations and tableware made from Pewter below!






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