The principle of universal design

Today the admin has important design information for every gender and all ages. What should we design to meet the needs of every group of people whether the elderly, normal people, people with disabilities to have no barrier in using? 

Universal design is the design for everybody, every sex, and all ages: females, males; childhood, adults, old age; young children, pregnant women, and many types of people with disabilities.

✔️ Equitability: everybody can use it equally.

✔️ Flexibility: it can be adjustable.

✔️ Simple and Intuitive: everybody can use it simply.

✔️ Perceptible Information: it has clear information and understandable meaning.

✔️ Tolerance for error: the design for possible misuse.

✔️ Low Physical Effort: it uses less force.

✔️ Size and Space: it should have the right size and space to access and use.




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