The New “HOE GARDEN collection”

Check out a new decoration design from an eco-friendly product,  “HOE TE” by Green dot blue! 

Sometimes Minimalism can bore you out because sometimes we all need that splash and spark of color every now and then! 

“The HOE GARDEN collection” modern Asian-styled piece accompanied by soft touches of eco-friendly materials designed into a beautiful pattern. It’s also made from “FELT” 100% recycled plastic bottles and being your decoration piece. Add this carefully handcrafted work of art that is crafted piece by piece and each design is exclusively made as a one and only piece to decorate your house, office space or decorate it in a resort or hotel to add a more relaxing modern Asian vibe.

Not all interior designs are suitable to be placed alongside real plants due to the lack of natural light but maybe this HOE GARDEN might be a perfect choice!

Decorate your room with this piece as a hanging screen, screen panel, ceiling decoration, or hanging ceiling lights, or even as a room divider!

Custom orders specially designed for your space are more than welcome! If you’re interested in making inquiries, please contact us! 

These photos are mockups to show you which types of interior designs would be perfect for ‘The HOE GARDEN Collection’.






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