Noise reduction with AQOUSTIQO

A noise pollution problem is a problem that affects every human life.

AQOUSTIQO can absorb noise and reduce echo. It is designed to use in many ways either plugging in or standing on the floor. Dividing space, it is made for an open space and it can be moved easily and it can be put away when not in use. We can hang it and mount it on a specific area on the wall but sometimes, removing the wall for installation is too cumbersome and it has a high cost. So, a size that is not too small and not too big can make it easier to use a specific area. It can be installed easily, especially on a smooth surface. Just mount the double-sided adhesive tape, suspend it on a wall, or stand on the floor (two ways later are easier.) It can function as a partition or a room divider. It provides beauty with sound-absorbing properties. 


AQOUSTIQO : Interlock Eco Felt Acoustic Modular Panel 

  • Friendly to environment 
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic (67 plastic bottles) 
  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient)= 0.45 
  • Size: 49 cm x 49 cm thickness 1.5 cm 

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