Thai Craftsmanship that goes beyond crafting skills

Modern age craftsmanship has paved its way to being part of the lifestyle of people who love and are interested in the charms of handicrafts. “Thai Craftsmanship” is one of the most popular and internationally recognized handicrafts. Thai crafts that capture the true Thai identity and communicate through the design process, the delicate and thoughtfulness put into the workpiece mixed with expertise and culture from inspiration and creativity of new-generation designers that meet the needs of consumers in this fast-paced world through presentations through interesting concepts such as the ‘Green Innovations’ Brand: WISH A WOOD

Find furniture in world-class hotels

In the hotel industry, luxurious furniture can create a more impressive and comfortable experience for guests. The selection of furniture, combined with the appropriate functional space, helps create comfort for guests while the decoration style and furniture materials meet the different functions of each hotel, creating vastly different impressions and thoughts of each individual guest. The most important factor in choosing hotel furniture isn’t the matter of price, quantity, or modernity in following all the latest trends but it depends on the taste and vision of long-term business prospects and the business direction of each hotel. The furniture made by Thai craftsmanship is incredibly unique with a variety of styles…

Natural Resources and Environment with Design

Furniture and home decorations from Thai’s craftsmanship that are carefully selected environmentally friendly materials of high quality. Let’s see some interesting pieces that can become another option for you to take part in the environmentally friendly movement. Potential sustainable designs that focus on their resource selection with aims to minimize the impact on the environment while achieving the highest value. Get a better understanding from their perspectives and ideas that support the environment-friendly movement and cost-effective use of resources through the ideas of entrepreneurs of the Thai furniture industry.

“Metals” Material Thais’ craft Hospitality

“Metals” Material Thais’ craft Hospitality Let’s get to know the Thai furniture and home decorations brand that is created from metal! From Kenkoon, Galvanii, Kun decorate, Masaya, and 5ivesis that are exported overseas. People today prefer to buy durable quality products that can be used for a long period of time because, in this fast-paced society, everyone wants to make most of their time so nobody wants to buy products that chips away quickly and waste time buying new ones to replace it but with quality furniture and home decorations carefully thought out in every process and designed by Thais really identifies the buyer’s taste and identity not just quality…

THANIYA Organic Fragrance Brand

THANIYA Brand Organic Fragrances and Thai Ceramics Created by Thai craftsmen With over 30 years of experience THANIYA, the owner of the THANIYA brand, pays attention to natural materials from the community. By choosing to use jasmine rice to make scented meat Instead of using substances from petrochemicals Extracts the scent from flowers and Thai herbs Create a unique scent and add Thai DNA by filling in hand-painted ceramics. Which was inspired by the benjarong High-class craftsmanship that is difficult to reach by modern people. Brought to adjust the design and pattern to be modern Beautiful eye-catching and charming Thai style. It quickly became known both at home and abroad….

Legendary furniture masters that still inspire young designers to this day

Influential designers of the 20th century in the field of furniture, including Charles and Ray Eames lounge chair that speaks of elegance and simplicity, Verner Panton, the colorful aesthetic creator of organic designs, Sam Maloof, the designer who designs furniture with his heart and soul, Hans J. Wegner, the original Danish designer that is recognized around the world and Eero Aarnio, a furniture designer who is best known for his innovative furniture. The variety of unique design perspectives of each individual, creators of hundreds of legendary masterpieces. Today, let’s look at how each master has cunningly left harrowing quotes for each of their masterpieces.


To follow the trend of Hotel and hospitality…ART HOTEL…DEESAWAT has come out with the latest collection from the collaboration project by DITP “TRIO 398 lounge”. This is the first fashion and art trend that create from the jointed project of DEESAWAT (furniture), PASAYA (fabric), and Blacksugar (FASHION).  For this new concept, they will be showcase in VENICE at THE BODY LANGUAGE – itsliquid International Art Exhibition 2021 (together with Venice Carnical 2021) from FEB 25- March 19, 2021). Venue : Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello .  for further detail information, please contact: