Fashion map to save the world

       As the new generation of fashionistas, we also should save the world! As you know, now the fashion industry has begun to focus on a sustainable environment more. It is a good sign of the technology era, like AGORA, the map brand made from 100% recycled plastic waste. It modernizes the uniqueness of Thai people in the past who love to sit on the map on the floor with a modern lifestyle. It has not only beautiful colors but also focuses on a durable, long-lasting life span.     Read more:

Add the value of wood chips to the eco chair in your home

Furniture is the first component when we have to think about home decoration. We must consider the materials we use. It should be comfortable to use and be designed perfectly to reflect the uniqueness of itself. An example is DEESAWAT, the wood furniture brand that uses friendly environmental materials and focuses on design covering the ‘Well Being’ of every age of people. This brand recycles and adds the value of wood chips to new furniture to meet the requirement of ECOLIFE people. Moreover, this brand develops and continues to bring improvements and needs to fulfill and complete the products.

Teak furniture that’s good for the environment

       Today, let admin introduce everyone to know “teak products from F.I.O.”, also known as “the Forest Industry Organization.” It is responsible for managing forests planted with the aim of a sustainable economy. It is not a conservation area.          It is a year-to-year replacement planting according to the guidelines and methods prescribed by the Royal Forest Department.         The teak that can be cut must be of the specified size that has a circumference of 190 cm, measured at 130 cm above the ground, and logging will only cut 65% of all trees.         This type of teak…

From meals to furniture “Runjuan”

            The chair furniture was inspired by tasting the food called “Runjuan” which is traditional Thai food from the reign of King Rama V with a distinctive flavor and seductive aroma fascinated by those who have tried. It is the origin of the unique and elegant armchair design concept. It also has a scent that conveys feminine charm delicate and meticulous. It’s like cooking a delicate step-by-step dish that becomes an unforgettable meal.

Creating values ​​for the ancient carpentry profession among the new generation

Wish A Wood has made an MOU together with Don Mueang Technical College which is 1 of 3 technical colleges that directly teach in the field of woodworking. There are student employment activities outside of school hours to have enough income to meet expenses and be able to rely on oneself, not a burden on parents. It is also considered to be a learning source outside the classroom. We hope that this activity will be a part of creating values ​​for the traditional carpentry profession among the new generation.

The story of 𝗘𝘅𝗰𝗹𝘂𝘀𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗖𝗿𝗮𝗳𝘁 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿

            European Oil Leather has the unique raw charm of genuine leather through the purification process with natural oils. The leather will show a high naturalness. The feature that makes many people fall in love with this type of leather is ‘Pull Up Effects’. Changing the shade of leather by tensile strength makes the leather dimensional. It is a pull-up effect. When used as a furniture cover, it enhances the look of the piecework to make it look like craft and handmade style. Although oil leather can be scratched, it can fade away as well. This makes this category of leather very attractive. It can…


                 The newest collection from WISH A WOOD focuses on comfort and gives the user a relaxed feeling by using curves and straight lines as the key to the design. It makes users feel like they are being embraced and held close to nature, even at home. Teak furniture is from the planted forest. This brand focuses on sustainable forest landscaping in terms of economy, society, and environment. So, this ensures that the wood used has good quality and it will also be replanted later for sure. “Tea seed oil” is a paint component that protects the wood surface, adds color to the…

Relaxing with spa salon atmosphere

Relaxing with spa salon atmosphere “Spa.” Sitting and working every day at least 8 hours a day would result in worse mental health. People have stress from work, travel, and physical health that may have body aches from sitting for a long time. These things, if left for a long time, can cause more symptoms. So, we should focus on health care so much. For someone, better physical and mental health can come from a spa massage. It helps in many ways, especially emotional health. These are the benefits of spa massage that many people may not know about before. 1. Reduce stress. 2. Brighter skin 3. Prevent wrinkles and…

Enjoy the kitchenware!!!

Add freshness and fun to meals by Mamaison kitchenwares. Mamaison is the designer who adds value and enhances every aspect of your life. Every piece of work is made from durable materials, bringing you fun, enjoyment. It can be used for many years. Home decoration will increase the fun and enjoyment of cooking. The home decor items add more fun and enjoyment to cooking and they indulge you with meals, for example, drip coffee and sipping tea in the morning. Small home decor items can be a part that can add color and pleasure in a short time.          

Sitzmöbel B9 by Thonet

Sitzmöbel B9 by Thonet, also known as the chair of Le Corbusier, was not designed by Le Corbusier but by Michael Thonet, the Thonet factory owner, at the end of the nineteenth century. Le Corbusier was fond of it and used it in many of the houses he designed and took it for his own use, actually at his own apartment, choosing the white ones. Because the seat of this chair is bigger than usual, it makes it sit comfortably and it is very lightweight, so it makes it easy to move. It is suitable for architects or artists working in the studio a lot. Le Corbusier even said that…

Best color ideas for every home

Color psychology for decorating a home can elevate your mood more than you think. These are the examples we have chosen to show. Red for a dining room or a kitchen: Decorate the hinges or pantry with red because it is a color that causes a feeling of appetite. Or you may mix beige walls with red details to create more tricks for space. Cool tones and earth tones help calm down: Choosing cool tone colors like light blue or dark blue to paint the walls of the room or choosing furniture in cool tones in a white room can help to relax with the leading point of the eye…

Design for small workspace

“Der Vorstand” is an expandable wall cabinet to increase the usable area, suitable for people with little space. This cabinet reduces storage space. The structure consists of a wall that can be used as a board for decorating or noting important memos. Inside, there is a wheel system to expand the working area. It consists of a desk with a bookshelf and the lights that add light during the night. It can be easily folded. It is convenient and space-saving with a simple design. It is an interesting idea and suitable for adjusting to the new normal as well.     Read more:…/slender-wall-cabinet…/…