How to choose furniture and steer clear from Formaldehyde

Did you know that your furniture was secretly harming you? It might be when you’re working, eating, or even when you’re sleeping! That pesky thing that’s harming you in your very own home is Formaldehyde. A colorless gas that’s poisonous that contaminates your air. 

This type of substance is commonly used in the paint industry, wood furniture coating, plywood, and various lumbers. It’s also to prevent termites and various insects as well as non-standard textiles and mattresses.

But the real question is how do we choose furniture that’s safe from Formaldehyde? ​

You can observe from a symbol that indicates the European formaldehyde emission standards in furniture, which are divided into 4 levels: ​ ​

E2 = Releases harmful substances 

E1 = International standard for wooden floors and furniture containing formaldehyde no higher than 0.75 ppm ​

E0 = High Standard with the formaldehyde level does not exceed 0.07 ppm ​

Super E0 = No formaldehyde found ​

In this current day and age where people are concerned about wellness and health makes furniture materials and manufacturing process become another factor that should be considered due to its importance to users and the environment at the same time.

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