Craft in Detail

Modern-day crafts that pays attention to every minor detail, from design, material selection, manufacturing process, usage, and the story behind Touchable that makes it a relatable brand that brings the beauty of Thai craftsmanship with a modern twist that would be a perfect addition to your home.

📌Retelling the Detailing: Selecting leather material to mix with basketry, retelling the story through the material’s selection process

📌Righteous Crafts: Sourcing that puts the environment first and the upcycling or process of adding value to materials seems to have become a popular trend that seems to be setting its roots in the design industry

📌Surreal Hospitality: A yearns for surreal and new experiences that are unique while requiring small efforts in assembling. Works of art that are obvious to the naked eye that it has gone through a process that is both difficult and time-consuming to make, creating a surreal experience for them.

Credit photo: Touchable Bangkok