BCG: Business and Sustainable Development

Get to know BCG, a new form of economic development that aims for a holistic economic development that will develop the economy in a 3D view while at the same time this model will develop the economy’s foundation that encourages exponential growth of the economy and has set to increase Thailand’s GDP to 4.3 trillion baht in 5 years, while another important goal is to help Thailand’s environment and it will also enable Thailand to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: SDG.

B = Bio-Economy is the application of knowledge, technology, and innovations to further develop the original strength which are biological resources or agricultural products to add value to the products such as the development of high-nutrient rice varieties, etc.

C = Circular Economy is the most efficient and cost-effective use of resources. The key is to focus on ZERO WASTE or reducing waste to less or equal to zero by adjusting the production process such as the replacement of production waste.

G = Green Economy focuses on sustainably reducing the impact on the earth. Especially environmental sustainability, such as the use of microbial enzymes for paper bleaching and the use of biological insecticides instead of chemicals, etc.

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